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Arranging a funeral—Affordable funerals in Rockhampton City, QLD

Arranging a funeral

We organise every aspect of the funeral from transportation of the deceased to registering the
death and submitting the necessary paperwork to the appropriate authorities.

Cremation—Affordable funerals in Rockhampton City, QLD


Cremation has become a popular choice for families since a number of religious groups have also altered their views towards this method. You can opt to have a traditional funeral service with the cremation to follow or the cremation only.
Coffins—Affordable funerals in Rockhampton City, QLD


Our range of coffins includes traditional polished timber, budget-priced eco-friendly coffins and LifeArt caskets can be printed with photos or decorated by your family.
Legal Services—Affordable funerals in Rockhampton City, QLD

Legal Services

Let us take care of all the legal aspects related to the passing of your loved one. We’ll complete all the forms and applications on your behalf.
Burial—Affordable funerals in Rockhampton City, QLD


We will organise committal ceremonies, gravesites and headstones and take care of all the paperwork.
Pre-Plan Your Funeral—Affordable funerals in Rockhampton City, QLD

Pre-Plan Your Funeral

Save your family and friends from having to make difficult decisions and the responsibility of planning your funeral. You can organise it all in advance.


In general terms the average cremation with a full service is approximately $7000.00 whilst a cremation with no service and no attendance is $2850.00.

The average cost in the Byron Shire for a burial with a full funeral service is approximately $11,000.00.


Transfer cost (100km radius from Mullumbimby) $250.00


Using our own mortuary facilities, that includes preparation for burial or cremation $300.00 to $450.00


Arrange and conduct a funeral $3400.00


We have great florists in our shire. Whatever you would like. Single rose $3 to $220-270 for a normal size casket cover.


Byron Shire Council burial plots are currently $5,570.00 including grave digging. The local crematoriums costs are from $627.00- $1200.00 , depending on Chapel use.


We have a large range starting with environmental coffins from $950.00 and the traditional coffins from $1500.00 upwards depending on materials and ornate ness.


To be cremated there are two doctors certificates needed of $100.00 each. Registration and death certificate application is $90.00
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